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Re: SAX 2.0 Enhancement proposal (2nd Ed)

I wrote earlier:
> 1) create a new standard feature:
> http://xml.org/sax/features/absolutize-system-identifiers with a default
> value of false.  Applications may modify this feature at any time.  When
> to 'true', the behaviour of SAX will be altered so that calls to
> EntityResolver::resolveEntity will not turn system identifiers into
> URIs.

I should also have included DTDHandler::notationDecl and

Do you think this proposal needs also to encompass the
Locator::getSystemID() method, as system identifiers containing relative
URLs are resolved in much the same way as in EntityResolver and DTDHandler?
If so, should this be controlled with the same feature name or a different

Kind regards

Rob Lugt
ElCel Technology