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RE: Topic Maps,DAML, RDF, and others?

To Tim and any interested in relationships between the technologies that
Tim mentioned, 

A project is under development within the KnoW (Knowledge on the Web)
initiative that will study the relationships, overlaps, differences and
complementarities between a number of specifications that are relevant
to knowledge on the Web, including Topic Maps, RDF, DAML, EXIST and
NewsML. The likely timeframe for this project is the next few months,
and the results will be made public. 

If any one is interested in finding out a little more about this project
and the KnoW initiative, or even joining it to participate actively in
and contribute to its research, then further information may be found at
the website at www.knowweb.org.

I trust you may perhaps find this useful in your research, Tim, and that
it might be helpful towards answering questions you have about these
standards and relationships between them.

Kind regards,


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From: Williams, Tim [mailto:twilliams@mcia.osis.gov]
Sent: 14 June 2001 12:29
To: Xml-Dev (E-mail)
Subject: Topic Maps,DAML, RDF, and others?

Could someone describe these in comparison to one another?  DAML seems
to be
built on top of RDF? I'm curious as to when one would use a Topic Map
DAML v/s RDF to describe their data and relationships to other data.
Topic Maps and DAML competing approaches? 

and one last set of questions, Topic Maps appear to be ISO standards
of w3c, why? and should this make a difference in deciding which to go

ok, one more, is anyone currently have a system using these or other
metadata markup languages (besides HTML meta tags) and care to describe
their experiences so far?


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