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Can XML reports do this?

Hi All,
A practical problem with XML data and reports generated from them  ...
"The data and information may be present in the content of the files, or in the names of files/folders/zip-files, or in the file and folder attributes, or even in the folder hierarchical structure. The zip file which can contain in itself files, folders, and even more zip files, is like the "grain of sand" of William Blake's
To see the World in a Grain of Sand,
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
To hold Infinity in the Palm of Your hand,
And Eternity in an Hour.
If there is a "world" in the zip file, akin to the grain of sand, then the reports may be generated to understand the worlds in the grains of sand, or the beach where the sand is, or the effect of the breeze on the sand dune on the beach, or the effect of the changing dune back on the grain of sand."
Can XML help create all these kinds of reports ...