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Re: multiple attribute values in XSL

This post is more appropriate for the XSL list; please follow up there.

At 08:04 20-06-2001, Lyndon J B Nixon wrote:
>thanks for the earlier help on this query. however i have (typically) come 
>up against another problem:
>i actually want to split the attribute values on the basis of whitespace 
>separation eg.
><myElement myValues="1 2 3 4 5" />
>needless to say, using substring-before and substring-after with 
>($myValuesString,' ') does not work.

Far from needless: that is exactly what you should be doing.  What doesn't 
work about it?  You can only get one token at a time, but XSLT provides 
plenty of recursion to help you out.

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