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Binary XML

Dear All,

I am new to xml so keeping that in mind can you please put osome light on

I) What Binary XML really mean??
         1)Is it compiled form of XML into Byte code OR
         2)Is it compressing XML using some algorithms OR
         3)Is it something else??

II)What is the difference between Binary XML and XML Serialization??

I am quite confused on this topic why at all it is required ?

Thanks in Advance
Pavitra Aggarwal
Project Manager ( Software )
Technology Division
A-7 Sector - 16
Noida-201 301 India
Tel : (91)-118-451-1102-2101
Fax: (91)-118-451-1109, 0963
E-mail: pavitraa@riskinc.com
web : www.rmsinet.com