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Re: Binary XML

PavitraA@riskinc.com wrote:

>Dear All,
>I am new to xml so keeping that in mind can you please put osome light on
>I) What Binary XML really mean??
>         1)Is it compiled form of XML into Byte code OR
>         2)Is it compressing XML using some algorithms OR
>         3)Is it something else??

Binary in many cases means that the readability requirement is removed 
which means that the *same* information as in regular XMLtextual files 
may be packaged in other and more time / space efficient ways.

In some approaches the markup is removed and the schema is assumed to be 
implicitly present at both the readers and writers side and in other 
approaches such a mine (BML) markup plus datatyping is always present.

See Markup levels

>II)What is the difference between Binary XML and XML Serialization??
Same serialization principles but the endresult is more compact  and 
usually  not readable by humans.

for a list of different "representations" in BML.

>I am quite confused on this topic why at all it is required ?
* Performance: approx more that 8 times faster when going from stream to 
in memory representations
* Size: 10-80% or in some cases more.
* Smaller code libraries
* Easier to write parsers

BML home page:


/        Anders W. Tell   ,   Financial Toolsmiths AB         / 
/ email: <anderst@toolsmiths.se>  <http://www.toolsmiths.se>  /
/ BML: http://openebxml.sourceforge.net/Projects/BML/bml.html /