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Re: XML Blueberry

At 12:44 PM -0400 6/21/01, Ed Chidester wrote:

>You might try checking your facts. True, many non-IBM systems handle a
>carriage return followed by a line feed (CRLF) as an end of line. In
>particular, the Microsoft operating systems. But, you might be surprised
>to hear that a small company called Sun Microsystems in their Solaris
>operating system only uses a line feed character. In a similar manner
>I've heard that Apple only uses a carriage return character to end lines.

And XML handles these perfectly. Indeed when you're writing or 
reading XML you simply don't care which line ending convention was 
used, which is the way it should be.

>Try opening a file that's been created on Solaris using Notepad
>(I've attached the above paragraph for your viewing pleasure)...
>Looks pretty ugly doesn't it?

Irrelevant. That's not XML software.

>In short, I think you're being overly hard on IBM and please realize that
>Microsoft hasn't taken over the world just yet.

I never said it had. IBM's the odd one out here. Sun, Compaq, Apple, 
Microsoft, Linux, and indeed large parts of IBM itself all agree that 
lines end in some combination of carriage returns and line feeds. 
Only some (not even all) IBM computers have any trouble at all with 
this simple idea.

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