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Re: XML databases

Hi Tim,

If you're looking for something to experiment with, our XML Agent isn't open
source, but it can be used freely for non-commercial purposes. It was built
in Delphi, if that intrigues you.


It's rather experimental, being a prototype for our full scale xml database
product. (Unfortunately, the full scale product is not yet quite ready for
release outside of Japan -- trademark issues and other legal stuff.)

Also, in addition to the open source dbxml, mentioned already, there have
been a number of posts announcing commercial and non-commercial products
(including ours) on this list and the xmldb list. Check the archives.

And Ronald Bourret hosts a page you will want to look at if you haven't yet:


He has some useful background material there as well.

If our XML Agent looks useful, go ahead and download it and experiment with
it. If you have questions about it (or about the full scale product), drop
us a line at info@mediafusion.co.jp.

Joel Rees
============================XML as Best Solution===
Media Fusion Co.,Ltd.  株式会社メディアフュージョン
Amagasaki  TEL 81-6-6415-2560    FAX 81-6-6415-2556
    Tokyo TEL 81-3-3516-2566   FAX 81-3-3516-2567

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Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 20:30:47 -0400
From: Tim Heald <theald@schoollink.net>
Subject: XML database's
To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org

Hey my company is loking at XML database's in an effort to avoid returning
to LDAP servers.  We currently use SQL server 7 for everything.  We had some
people from software AG in recently and will be testing their product

I would be interested if anyone has use this in hearing your opinions.  Also
as we are brand new to this in hearing of other XML databases and the
various pro's and con's.

Thank You

Tim Heald
Application Development