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Re: From Sweta External unparsed Entities doubt!!!

Hi Sweta,

Questions about XSLT are best asked on XSL-List

> I am sending the XML file using the external unparsed entities and i
> am sending the xsl.also the gif file which i am using to as external
> data.

First you need to start using XSLT rather than the Microsoft-specific
XSL dialect.  You can find out about the differences and how to make
the change at the MSXML FAQ at

Then you need to use the little-known unparsed-entity-uri() function,
which retrieves the URI of an unparsed entity when you pass its name
in as an argument. Try:

<xsl:template match="/">
       <img name="Iamimg" src="{unparsed-entity-uri(img1/@src)}" />



Jeni Tennison