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RE: XML Directory structure

At Friday, 22 June 2001, "Hewko, Doug" <Doug.Hewko@ccra-adrc.gc.ca> 

>Thanks for the reply. Sorry to be a pain, but I could not find CS104 
in the
>W3.org site. When I checked in Yahoo, I got a lot of computer course
>descriptions. :) Where is it located?

O dear. I wasn't speaking literally. I meant directory structures
is a topic typically covered by about the fourth class of the first 
year of a 
Computer Science course.

>Also, one other question, which I am having a problem answering.
Where may I
>find standards on the naming of elements? 

I don't think there are any official ones. Lots of organisations 
have their own.

>Of particular interest is whether
>lower case or upper case is perferred. 

Uppercase is a hangover from the days of IBM mainframes.
lowercase is conventional in the Unix world.
MixedCase is a habit of programmers unless they have been infected
by the Java virus, in which case names are capitalised halfWayThrough