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Re: XML Blueberry

At 11:02 AM -0400 6/22/01, John Cowan wrote:

>>  If all the files using NEL start <?xml version="1.0" 
>>  Then can't NEL be mapped to #10 (0r #13) in the non normative support
>>  for the ebcdic related encodings. This wouldn't require any change to XML.
>But it does require two different kinds of EBCDIC mapping: one for XML,
>one for every other kind of text.  This is highly unsavory.

Yes, it is; but it's not nearly as unsavory as changing XML. Which 
tastes least bad?

Remember, except for XML and occasionally HTML very few human 
editable document formats ask that user specify which encoding 
they're using. If you're using a non-XML tool that doesn't blindly 
assume all documents are written in the default local character set 
(that's 90%+ of text tools right there) then it's probably doing some 
heuristics based on byte-order marks and such to figure out which 
encoding is being used. These heuristics all still work with 

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