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Re: XML Blueberry

At 6:02 PM +0100 6/22/01, David Carlisle wrote:

>Personally I think it suspect that by far the most complicated
>production in the xml spec is the name constraints. Would so much be
>lost if (as for character data) all unicode code points above a certain
>point were allowed, otherwise we'll have to go through this all again
>for 3.x and 4 and ..

It's an idea, but probably won't fly. First off many of the most 
familiar of those high characters are likely to be mathematical and 
musical symbols. Secondly, some of them will probably be combining 
characters that really can't serve as a name start character. Thirdly 
new characters will continue to be added to existing blocks in the 
basic multilingual plane (BMP) below 65536 to fill in holes in 
existing blocks so we'll also need to deal with those.

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