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Re: XML Blueberry

> Round-trippability is presumably a Good Thing, though, and since there
> are three EBCDIC controls CR, LF, and NEL, they presumably have
> uses for them.

that's a rather thin argument for introducing a change that will likely
make existing parsers all fail on a large proportion of new
documents. (Because tools are likely to splash blueberry juice over new
xml files, even if they don't really use the new features)

If it was just for NEL I'm fairly clear I'D vote no to Blueberry (except
I'm disenfranchised, W3C being a private club) On the other hand if it's
going to happen anyway to add the 3.1 characters, adding NEL at the same
time is less of an issue.

Personally I think it suspect that by far the most complicated
production in the xml spec is the name constraints. Would so much be
lost if (as for character data) all unicode code points above a certain 
point were allowed, otherwise we'll have to go through this all again
for 3.x and 4 and ..


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