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RE: XML database's

eXcelon Corporation provides the Extensible Information Server (XIS), a
component of the eXcelon XML Platform.  XIS is a native XML database and
was the first one to market in September of 1998.  Our new version 3.0
has been tested with millions of documents and hundreds of gigabytes of
data and is a fully transactional database supporting incremental
updates and capable of performing over 1200 XPath queries per second.
We also have a highly scalable and fast XSLT transformation engine built
right into the server.  We have over 300 customers including Global 2000
corporations like NTT DoCoMo, SwissRe Life and Health, and Siemens.  We
also have award-winning XML development tools including our latest
offering, Stylus Studio 3.0.

You can find more information about XIS on our website at
http://www.exceloncorp.com/platform/extinfserver.shtml.  You can also
find information about Stylus Studio on our developer website at
http://www.stylusstudio.com.  I am also available for any questions you
may have.


Chris Parkerson - Product Manager
Extensible Information Server
eXcelon Corporation
Burlington, MA
(781) 674-5393

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From: Tim Heald [mailto:theald@schoollink.net] 
Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2001 8:31 PM
To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Subject: XML database's

Hey my company is loking at XML database's in an effort to avoid
to LDAP servers.  We currently use SQL server 7 for everything.  We had
people from software AG in recently and will be testing their product

I would be interested if anyone has use this in hearing your opinions.
as we are brand new to this in hearing of other XML databases and the
various pro's and con's.

Thank You

Tim Heald
Application Development

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