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Re: How to get the 1st element in DTDD

On Sat, 23 Jun 2001, Murali Mani wrote:
[doctype decls]
> > I'm not clear why you'd want to specify it in both places.
> I want it only in one place..

OK, but if you put it in the DTD, how does an instance signal to
the application that it requires this DTD?

> If I design something, I will prohibit this -- now how does a validator
> know the child elements of the document root element???

Same as now: it reads the DTD and works it out.
If your root element is <foo> then among the stuff
in the DTD will have to be an element declaration 
for foo, giving the content model, in which the child
element types are defined.

I don't see how this changes if you want to stop 
some element types being usable as root elements.

I can see where you might want to to this in an
environment where you want to avoid accidental
error in manual document creation, so that an
application will only let the operator create 
documents with root = {X|Y|Z} and not anything

But that is not connected at all with how a validating
parser reads the DTD.