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Re: How to get the 1st element in DTDD

On Sat, 23 Jun 2001, Peter Flynn wrote:

> > If I design something, I will prohibit this -- now how does a validator
> > know the child elements of the document root element???
> Same as now: it reads the DTD and works it out.
> If your root element is <foo> then among the stuff
> in the DTD will have to be an element declaration
> for foo, giving the content model, in which the child
> element types are defined.
> I don't see how this changes if you want to stop
> some element types being usable as root elements.
> I can see where you might want to to this in an
> environment where you want to avoid accidental
> error in manual document creation, so that an
> application will only let the operator create
> documents with root = {X|Y|Z} and not anything
> else.
> But that is not connected at all with how a validating
> parser reads the DTD.

Sorry I misunderstood your point -- You said try to figure out the
document root by looking at all the content models and figure out the
element which does not appear in any content model -- that is good... and
that works..

thanks - murali.