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RE: xml DOM/DTD graph visualization

It comes up in the Adobe SVG viewer just fine.  
It defaults to a very close view so one has to 
zoom quite a while to see it.  Even then, 
defaulting to upper left without any movement 
controls is tough viewing.  

Very complex stuff apparently.  Needs some 
more navigation controls.  Nice work!


Ekam sat.h, Vipraah bahudhaa vadanti.
Daamyata. Datta. Dayadhvam.h

-----Original Message-----
From: james anderson [mailto:james.anderson@setf.de]

I was curious about how an automatic layout package would fare with DTD
and DOM graphs. A naive generator for GraphViz's "dot" format is a
straight-forward graph walk. The "dot" file describes the connectivity
only. GraphViz is left with the hard work. The results are adequate for
smaller examples[0], but larger instances will need a more refined approach.

The larger files failed to load with the current GraphViz 1.7.6 beta for
Windows. As I'm rather Linux/C imparied, I was fortunate and grateful,
that someone was curious and ran them through the Linux version. Thus
the two SVGs below, which I was able to view with Adobe's SVG plugin. 

REC-xml-20001006.xml: DTD as DOT[1], as SVG[2]
REC-xhtml1-20000126.html: DTD as DOT[3], as SVG[4]

They tend to tax this viewers patience and perspicacity. Which leads to
the questions:

When one is "visualizing" a DOM or a DTD, which relations is one
"looking" for?
- direct neighbors to a given element/attribute or element type definition?
- direct siblings?
- a vertical sub-graph comprising a specified node subset?
- a vertical sub-graph ...?
- nodes in the same namespace?
- some other partition?

How would one wish to describe what one is "looking" for.
- a collection of names?
- a path expression?

Anyone curious about DOCBOOK?


[0] http://homepage.mac.com/james_anderson/XML/index.html
[1] http://homepage.mac.com/james_anderson/XML/Graphs/xmlSpec.dot
[2] http://homepage.mac.com/james_anderson/XML/Graphs/xmlSpec.svg (768K)
[3] http://homepage.mac.com/james_anderson/XML/Graphs/xhtmlHtml.dot
[4] http://homepage.mac.com/james_anderson/XML/Graphs/xhtmlHtml.svg (444K)

ps. I don't know how to get the server to specify the correct mime type.
It serves the SVGs up as text/plain, so one may need to download them
separate from viewing.