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Re: deterministic content model?

I will say this --

I am writing a short report on why we should *not* have the 1-unambiguity
(or deterministic) constraint in content models -- I am arguing that it
buys you absolutely *nothing* -- you get the same "benefits" from other
features already present in schema languages. I will let the list members
know of the URL when it is ready.

regards - murali.

On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, Gary Stephenson wrote:

> Hi Murali,
> > If you wanted a non-deterministic content model
> At the moment all I'm trying to do is train my processor to properly recognise
> non-deterministic models.  I realise that in many cases, these can be
> algorithmically transformed to deterministic equivalents - but I am not
> attempting to scale such lofty heights just yet! <g>
> BTW, I am also aware of your opposition to the requirement for deteminism -
> and at this point I agree with you that it seems an unwarranted constraint.
> But then, I'm just getting started with all this stuff, so my opinion ain't
> worth two hoots... (yet) <g>
> cheers,
> gary
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