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RE: "Current" list of XML IDEs?

Hi Roger,

Cape Clear produce a set of tools called CapeStudio. One of the tools is an
XML2XML mapper which graphically enables the user to compose complex XSLT
mappings. The tool supports XML Schema, DTD's and WSDL for both input and
output. The WSDL mapping is really interesting as it enables us to map
documents to function invocations via SOAP. CapeStudio also incorporates a
code generation utility which creates VB & Java code proxies from WSDL thus
hiding the complexities of WSDL & SOAP.

CapeStudio is to be provided as an early access release in mid-July.

John Maughan
CapeStudio Product Manager  

-----Original Message-----
From: Roger L. Costello [mailto:costello@mitre.org]
Sent: 25 June 2001 20:13
To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Subject: "Current" list of XML IDEs?

Hi Folks,

I need to do an evaluation of XML integrated development environments
(IDEs).  A cursory search yielded tools with announcements dated a year
or two ago.  I suspect that many of those tools are no longer being
used.  What are the hot tools "today"?

Specifically, I am looking for XML IDEs which supports **some or all**
of these capabilities:

 - XML editor
 - XML parser
 - XSL editor
 - XSL processor
 - XML Schema editor
 - XML Schema validator
 - DTD <--> Schema converter
 - HTML --> XHTML converter


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