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Re: Define a root in a DTD

> This is a Good Thing, because it adds flexibility to how the DTD is used.
> It's the reason that XML (and SGML) have lent themselves so well to
> electronic publishing systems in which different elements were mixed and
> matched to create different documents all conforming to the same DTD.
> I've seen schema proposals that let you specify which of a schema's element
> types could be a document's root element, but after a quick look at section
> 3.3 of Part 1 of the W3C Schema Rec
> (http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-1/#cElement_Declarations) and the RELAX NG
> schema for RELAX, I don't believe that either of these let you do this. I
> could be wrong.

Thanks for clarifying it.. I will check RELAX NG up when I get a chance..

thanks and regards - murali.