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RE: XML Blueberry

Man, this remark made me react like a mosquito flew up my nose ...

I've never been a big fan of the choices IBM has made in the past with
regards to operating systems and encoding schemes, but even I don't think
they're lazy.  It's not the company that is suffering here, it's their
clients.  I'm sorry, but not all the software that runs on IBM systems was
written by IBM.  We're talking about ISVs and client-written applications
too!  Are they lazy too?

Alright, in hindsight, it would be a lot better for the world in general if
NEL had never been invented, but that's not reality.  The reality is that
there's a lot of people who own IBM hardware who are suffering hardships
because of this.

We have to stop shaking our fingers at IBM and start figuring out the best
way to fix the situation.  I don't think making IBM, all the vendors who
write software for IBM systems and all the customers who bought IBM hardware
change the way they write software is the right answer.


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If it's to be
done, it had best be done right, not just to satisfy one company's