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Re: Define a root in a DTD

On 26 June 2001 23:27 -0700 Murali Mani <mani@CS.UCLA.EDU> wrote:

> Can I ask a quick question -- If I am correct, in RELAX, if you specify in
> grammar G2 with roots R2 <include href="G1"> where G1 has roots R1, then
> in effect the root symbols of G2 is R1 + R2 ..??
> How is it in RELAX NG ?? Is it the same ??

In RELAX NG, you have to be explicit that you want the roots combined as a 
choice, by specifying

  <start combine="choice">...</start>

If you have two <start> elements and neither of them have a 
combine="choice" attribute, then RELAX NG will give you an error.