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Memory Leak with IXMLDOMNode::selectSingleNode method

Hi All,

  I'm experiencing a memory leak of ~8K when I use the
IXMLDOMNode::selectSingleNode method. I've provided the code snippet below. 

CComPtr<IXMLDOMNode> spResultNode = NULL;

	hr = pCurrentCursorNode->raw_selectSingleNode(wstrPattern,
&spResultNode)) ) 
		return XMLInternalCOMError;

I'm using the MSXML 2.5 parser [msxml.dll version : 8.00.5226.0]. I suspect
the memory leak is because spResultNode doesn't get deallocated even after
it goes out of scope. 

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I tried using IXMLDOMNode *
instead of the smart pointer. that didn't help either. I do hope there's
someone out there who can help me.