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RE: Regular Fragmentations

On 29 Jun 2001 09:12:14 -0400, Jonathan Borden wrote:
> This is terrific. I will use this.

Glad to hear it!  I'm hoping to add split()-like functionality over the
weekend, which should make it a lot more useful

> > This filter is written in Java (1.3) and requires the Xerces parser.
> ...
> I agree that it would be nice if this were to be parser independent.

On the SAX angle, it's easy to use with other parsers.  On the regular
expression angle, though, I'm currently tied to
org.apache.xerces.utils.regex.RegularExpressions, primarily because it
was explicitly XML Schema-compatible.  

I'm looking into other options now, notably OROMatcher, but have to
figure out what the compatibility issues are.  The Xerces package also
lacks a split() function, so it may be an interesting ride.  I'm really
hoping that I don't have to write my own regex-processing package to get
this functionality and remain XML Schema DT/F compatible.