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DSSSL dates (was Re: SGML vs XML)

Christopher R. Maden wrote:
> To be accurate, DSSSL didn't come out until 1996, and it took ten
> years or more.  XSL has only taken four... maybe the next stylesheet
> language will get it right, and only take two. )-:

Shame on you Chris! You should know better than that.

1988 Committee formed
1990 CD
1991 August DIS.1 passed
1992 November jjc joined
1994 DIS.2 finished
1995 (January 25) Ballot closes
DSSSL online December 1995
DSSSL publication, April 1996
XML Part 3: Style [NOT YET], May 1997
A Proposal For XSL, August 1997

1996 - 1988 = 12 (with VERY little software support)
1997 + 12  = 2009 with ???