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On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Simon North wrote:
> Peter Flynn said:
> > When XML browsers eventually implement context-sensitive
> > searching and all the linking goodies, we'll finally be back to where
> > we were in 1994 :-)
> Ahhh, if ONLY that were true :-( ... sadly, XMLT(FO) is still a 
> looooooooooong way from getting to be even a feeble shadow of 
> what DSSSL nearly became. 

Yes, but implementing DSSSL would have been even worse, given the
unmanageable syntax for newcomers. 

Fortunately, text-mode XSLT conversion to pdfLaTeX makes
typographic production a snip.
> I personally don't think we'll ever be able to catch up with where we 
> were back in 1994. So many babies have been thrown out with so 
> little bathwater .... architectural forms is just one victim. 

You can still use SGML...