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Re: SCHEmata (was: ambo, duo, etc.)

From: "John Cowan" <cowan@mercury.ccil.org>

> Also, it is clear that "schemas" is stressed on the first syllable,
> many (including me, until today) fall into error by stressing "schemata"
> on the second syllable rather than the correct first (all methods of
> pronouncing Greek words agree on this point).

If it is being pronounced as a foreign word.  If it is being pronounced as
an English word then it is only natural to shift the emphasis to the second
syllable: that syllabic shift is not so common in USA I believe. (If you
seen Kenneth Clark's TV series Civilization, you will hear that he
"capitalism" with an emphasis on the second syllable: an emphatic syllabic
shift.  Maybe it is Scotch.)

If we must pronounce schemata with non-English rhythm, all the more reason
to skip to "schemas". Where will it end?  Are we to brand as ignorant anyone
who pronounces the "n" in typhoon or uses a plural "typhoons"?

Rick Jelliffe