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Re: [ANN] Topologi Schematron Validator - free Windows tool doesSchematron+XML Schemas

Thanks, Michael, Just what I asked about.  I suspected this was the case,
thank you for confirming it.

Tom P

[Michael Brennan]

> MSXML4 installs in "side-by-side" mode. From the docs:
> The Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 4.0 Technology Preview is installed on
> computer in side-by-side mode. This mode protects the quality of
> applications that currently use the msxml.dll, msxml2.dll, or msxml3.dll
> files. Side-by-side mode also allows you to decide which version of the
> parser to use in your code. When you install the MSXML 4.0 Technology
> Preview from the Microsoft XML Download Center, the setup program
> three files, msxml4.dll, msxml4a.dll, and msxml4r.dll, onto your computer
> and registers the msxml4.dll file in the computer's registry.