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Re: [OT] The stigma of schemas

Having just return from a four day weekend to 200+ xml-dev messages in my
inbox, I can't believe I'm participating in this thread. But here goes...

--- Nik O <nikozu@lycos.com> wrote:
>  Peter Flynn wrote:
> >
> > It takes time for a language to absorb new
> > material. US English speakers still talk about
> > the cut of meat as a "fee-lay" when British
> > English speakers have said "fill-it" for over
> > a century.
> I suspect that this is due to the much larger per centage of Francophones in
> the USA, hence the "respect shown the original language" (a very important
> recent reminder from Uche Ogbuji on this thread).

For a counter-example, consider "niche", which my London tour guide assured me
is properly pronounced "neesh", not "nitch", as we say it in the US of A.


Jim Ancona
jim@anconafamily.com                     jancona@xevo.com

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