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Re: Problems running Topologi Schematron

From: "Heikki Toivonen" <heikki@netscape.com>

> Has anyone had any problems with Topologi Schematron? I don't seem to be 
> able to validate anything. Even all the valid samples that shipped with 
> the installer report errors...

The installer was truncating text files (the compiled
script was out of sync with the actual file sizes.)

If you have this problem, either:
 1) copy the scripts/ schemas/ and data/ directories
     from the ZIP file, or, better,
 2) reload the fixed version from the Topologi website
     which have some other potential problems fixed.

I apologise for this inconvenience. 

Some other users report an "out of memory" problem
on some machines. We will provide a fix for this ASAP.

Rick Jelliffe