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FYI - XML articles/download

XML Matters #12: Using XML Schema archetypes
An earlier column explored the generation of XML documents from SQL
queries. This article shows that the reverse direction of translating an
XML document and DTD back into an RDBMS storage format is equally possible,
but with its own set of constraints and complications. The Python
public-domain utilities xml2sql and dtd2sql discussed here generate SQL
statements to create and fill a database in a consistent and reversible
fashion. Seven code samples demonstrate the techniques.

XML for Data: Using XML Schema archetypes
The first installment of this new column describes the benefits of using
archetypes in XML Schema designs for data and provides some concrete
examples. The author discusses both simple and complex types, and some
advantages of using each. Code samples in XML Schema are provided.

Tip: Validation and the SAX ErrorHandler interface
Explore SAX's validation capabilities and learn how to turn XML document
validation on and off. This tip also covers the ErrorHandler interface,
which enables you to receive notification of errors in your applications
and act on that notification. Code samples demonstrate how to request
validation and how to create and register an error handler in SAX.

XML for C++: Updated 06/27/2001
v3.5.0 is based on the Apache Xerces XML C++ Parser v1.5.0. It includes
experimental support for a subset of the W3C Schema language, bug fixes and
performance improvements. Download now includes the iSeries (AS400)