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update on Regular Fragmentations

The last week has been a good one for Regular Fragmentations:

There's still a long way to go - more on that later - but I've managed
to implement the core functionality I wanted to provide.  

Developers can specify regular expressions for either $0, $1, etc.
matching or for delimiter-based splitting.  In both cases, results can
be matched into a set of rules which can (at rule option) repeat if
necesary.  Recursive processing of results is possible as well.

There are some large steps yet to be taken before the code is really
ready for the world, however. The most obvious problem is that I haven't
yet supported attributes, either as targets or as results.  Doing so is
taking some substantial refactoring from a stream-oriented model to a
partially tree-oriented model. The code remains pretty fragile right
now, subject to null pointer exceptions if things happen like more
results than result rules.  

It's improving but it will be a little while - it's only at version
0.07, after all.  For right now, it's probably wise for it to remain a
one-programmer endeavor.  As things clean up, it should be easier for
people to make contributions.  I'm hoping to set up some unit testing
options as well, though I'm still figuring that out.

If you want to get some idea what this looks like, there are some
examples in the javadoc overview at:

In any case, I just wanted to let people know that the work is happening
and that simple things can prove pretty powerful.