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Re: XML Schema question: A <xs:choice> equivalent for attributes?

Eddie Robertsson wrote:


> <xs:element name="socketHandler">
>     <xs:annotation>
>       <xs:appinfo>
>         <sch:pattern  xmlns:sch="http://www.ascc.net/xml/schematron">
>           <sch:rule context="socketHandler">
>             <sch:report test="self::*[@hostName][@hostAddress]"
>               > On a &lt;tag> element, if there is the attribute "attr", the
> child element &lt;attr>  must be prohibited and vice versa.</sch:report>

That message isn't very good at all. It should be something like:

<sch:report test="self::*[@hostName][@hostAddress]"> On a <sch:name/> element only
one of the attributes hostName and hostAddress are allowed, not both.</sch:report>

Sorry for the confusion