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RE: xml question regarding document comparing

Hi Dennis,

Maybe this will help you. To be honest, it was something I learned during an
IBM seminar and which seems very usefull to me if you want to compare two
XML elements. I guess XMLDiff works the same way. I haven't tried it yet.
Here is the proposed solution:

There is something called the the DOMHash
The DOMHash algorithm is part of the XML security suite. It generates a
unique hash value for all or part of an XML document.
This XML security suite is available at IBM's alphaWorks site

You could generate the DOMHash values for all the elements in your created
XML documents (how are you going to convert this non XML documents to XML
documents?)and compare them with the hash value of the same elements in your
document. You could write a script to replace or add an element if the hash
values don't match. 
Btw I don't know how it handles whitespace...


-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: S.Watts [mailto:denniswatts2000@home.com]
Verzonden: maandag 2 juli 2001 21:08
Aan: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Onderwerp: xml question regarding document comparing

I have 3 documents from different companies which are their versions
of a legal document or rule.  I also have this official rule from a
governing body which needs to reflect the changes each company has put
forward.  I would like to turn each version into a xml document so I
can realize the differences each version has from the official rule. 
So I would like to create a master xml and compare it with one of the
versions.  After the two are compared the master xml needs to contain
the changes that were made.  I would like to create something that
would accomplish this rather than purchase something that would do
this for me.  I would appreciate any help you could offer that would
help me accomplish this, thanks.
dennis watts

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