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RE: How to use groups with mixed content models

That's very interesting since I have exactly the same problem and tried the
same solution, with the same results. I'm using the XML Spy schema
validator, and I am suspecting a bug in the validator. So I have to confess
that I threw the whole schema and wrote it in RELAX NG. It was a breeze.
Funny to see how DTD are cool, finally :)

So let's be a little bit more constructive. Maybe it could be written using
a substitution group or inheritance ? We would have each element such as
title, emph, b, i and so on inheriting from the text-model complex type.
Have you tried this ? Or better, maybe someone has solved the whole problem

Nicolas Lehuen
Responsable R&D - Head of R&D
Ubicco - Multi Access Software Solutions

>-----Message d'origine-----
>De : Ben Ryan [mailto:b_ryan@c-elect.co.uk]
>Envoye : mardi 3 juillet 2001 16:18
>A : xml-dev
>Objet : How to use groups with mixed content models
>	I am trying to use the following declarations to give 
>me a content
>model that would be expressed as <!ELEMENT title
>(#PCDATA|emph|note|target|xref)*> in an XML DTD but I would like to use
>element groups to get the same benefits as parameter entities.
>Here are the definitions:
><xsd:element name="title">
> <xsd:annotation>
>  <xsd:documentation>a descriptive title</xsd:documentation>
> </xsd:annotation>
> <xsd:complexType mixed="true">
>  <xsd:group ref="text-model"/>
>   </xsd:complexType>
><xsd:group name="text-model">
> <xsd:annotation>
>  <xsd:documentation>the group of elements that are used inside a text
>or paragraph element</xsd:documentation>
> </xsd:annotation>
> <xsd:choice minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
>  <xsd:element ref="emph"/>
>  <xsd:element ref="note"/>
>  <xsd:element ref="target"/>
>  <xsd:element ref="xref"/>
>  <xsd:any namespace="##other"/>
> </xsd:choice>
>The following fragments illustrate the problem:
><title>A test title for checking a schema definition</title>
><title><emph>A test title for checking</emph><note>a schema
><title>A test title for <emph>checking</emph><note>a
><title><emph>A test title for checking</emph><note>a
><title>A test title for <emph>checking</emph> a
>I assume that it is that the group is not mixed in the sense that a
>complex type is or am I completely in the wrong direction?
>Any help would be appreciated.
>	Ben
>Dr Benjamin Ryan
>Senior Technical Consultant
>Tel: +(44) 1484 517077
>Fax: +(44) 1484 517068
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