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AW: DTD / schema for itemized bills and SOAP

> > There will be about 200.000 single data sets in one month. Is it
> appropriate
> > to use SOAP for such a data exchange?
> Well, that's one exchange every 12 seconds or so. Depends on whether each
> piece of data can be transmitted and processed in 12 seconds... How big is
> each exchange likely to be in terms of number of
> elements/attributes and raw
> stream size?

Well, I´ve got no DTD yet, but I estimate about 10 elements each with up to
20 characters content. The problem is that the data is delivered only once a
month. So we will get one big XML-Document with all the datasets (Could be
once a day as well). I think, SOAP is not designed for few transactions with
mass data, or not? But I need an envelope for the data? Is there an

Regards and thanks for your help.