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> > relationship
> > between the W3C DOM object interfaces", with interfaces such as
> > "IXMLDOMNode" and "IXMLDOMDocument" shown. These look like COM
> > so I expect it is an error to blame W3C for this.
> >
> Whether W3C should be blamed for DOM or not, is another discussion :-)
> But IXMLDOMNode et al. is definitely MS-speak.

IXMLDOMNode represents the interface for a DOM node.  FWIW, the naming
convention of putting an 'I' in front of interfaces is not exclusive to
Microsoft or even C++.  In fact, my read of the Mozilla DOM shows that
they use a very similar naming convention: nsIDOMNode.
mp=y#nsIDOMNode.  Xerces dodges the naming issue by naming the interface
"Node" and then the implementation "NodeImpl" :-)