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newbie question: Server side / Client Side XML


First, please also send a reply to me doug.hewko@ccra-adrc.gc.ca as my
organization's virus checker may parse the replies.

I'm working through the "XML Bible" by Elliotte Rusty Harold and worked
through "SAMS Teach Yourself XML in 24 hours" by Charles Ashbacher. Both
books work on client-side XML, so that is what I assumed XML was limited to.
The tutorial XML sites that I went to, W3Schools, XMLPitstop, all focus on
client-side XML.
Once I get Windows 2000, I was hoping to learn ASP.

Is server-side XML the same as ASP? If not, can anyone recommend a site that
will step me through a basic server-side XML example? Right now, I am just
familiar with the client side. I do not even know if server-side XML is
automatically supported in the Windows OS as is client-side XML and ASP.