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RE: [Question] How to do incremental parsing?

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> From: Xu, Mousheng (SEA) [mailto:Mousheng.Xu@sea.celltechgroup.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 8:27 PM
> To: 'xml-dev@lists.xml.org'
> Subject: [Question] How to do incremental parsing?
> Dear all,
> A problem of all the current XML parsers is that they at least read the
> whole XML document into the input stream, which can consume a lot
> of memory
> when the XML is big (e.g. 1 GB).

Not true.  Use SAX parser.

> One way to get around the problem would be to read the XML file
> into memory
> gradually and when needed. I would like to build such a DOM
> parser, but I am

There is a modules that does the for Perl.  XML::Twig reads in only the
parts of the document which you specify and builds a DOM representation of
it.  So therefore you avoid loading the parts that you will not use.


> not familiar with the design of the Xerces XML parsers. Could someone give
> me a suggestion on how to tackle on the problem? The most critical part
> would be the method to parse an element. If reading the whole
> document into
> memory is inevitable, then I would like to borrow the method
> which parse the
> input stream to get the next element.
> Your help is highly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> -- Mousheng Xu
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