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Re: xlink and non-addressable URIs

On Thu, Jul 05, 2001 at 10:31:51AM +0100, Christian Nentwich wrote:
: xlink and non-addressable URIs
:   We are converting legacy data to XML 
:   The converted data contains xlinks to other instances, some of which are not addressable from our system. 
:   Is there any way of inserting a non-addressable link into an xlink:href such that a validating parser will treat it as data (and not give an error).
> The parser shouldn't really care what you put into the xlink:href attribute.. it most definitely shouldn't attempt to resolve any link references, and most likely won't know what xlink:href means anyway. Or did I misunderstand the issue?

  Right, XLink is intended to be processed after parsing (at least
logically), and a validating parser should not care about the content
of an xlink:href it should just be declared as CDATA in the DTD used
for validation.

  Schemas or specific validation tools may verify that this conforms to
the URI-Reference syntactic constraints. Checks that the resource is
valid could be done using a link checker but it is expected to take place
at a later stage.


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