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Some clarificatiosn -- RE: [Question] How to do incremental parsi ng?

Dear All,

It's amazing to get some many replies when I came to work this morning.
Sorry I cannot make replies individually. Here are some clarifications:

* I was wrong in saying that SAX reads the whole doc in memory. I meant to
say that about DOM lazy evaluation.

* A DOM Java parser is eventually I am looking for. 

The problem of SAX is that you will have to write all those tedious
"startElement", "endElement" stuff every time for each XML file of a
different format, and the parsing never stops! Perl modules, or another
scripting language like OmniMark is not an option because they are not in
Java. Putting an XML doc into a RDBMS is not an option either, because it is
only an awkward temp solution. Guy Murphy mentioned the possibility of
"don't use XML", but a generic XML parser is what I am looking for,
otherwise it's gonna be a nightmare each time when an large XML file is to
be dealt with. 

Some mentioned the row processing feature of dom4j, kXML, SAXON, minidom,
easydom, and Orchard. Do they read the whole doc into memory before parsing
anyway, like the DOM lazy eval? If these parsers are based on xerces SAX,
the chances are the whole doc is read into the memory.

An incremental SAX parser such as the suggested MSXML SAX parser seems to be
the closest idea, but an incremental DOM parser has to be built upon it.
Ajay, do you have a quick reference on MSXML?

* What is "persistent DOM"?

Thanks a lot.

-- Mousheng Xu

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