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Re: Some clarificatiosn -- RE: [Question] How to do incremental parsing?

Hi Mousheng

From: "Xu, Mousheng (SEA)" <Mousheng.Xu@sea.celltechgroup.com>
> Some mentioned the row processing feature of dom4j, kXML, SAXON, minidom,
> easydom, and Orchard. Do they read the whole doc into memory before
> anyway, like the DOM lazy eval? If these parsers are based on xerces SAX,
> the chances are the whole doc is read into the memory.

At least in dom4j when using any SAX parser,  the document is not loaded
into memory first - it can be processed as it is being parsed in a 'row by
row' fashion using very little memory while the file is being read and the
SAX parser is still parsing it.



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