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Re: SAX LexicalHandler::comment issue

[ getting off topic here, to "why use these" issues ]

> > Unfortunately the defaults are to create all the noise nodes:  comments,
> > cdata, ignorable whitespace, and entity refs all have annoying default
> > settings (including those node types, rather than discard[ing] them).
> Noise to who?  Infoset buffs?

Noise to me, by the 99/01 rule.  (That's a stronger 80/20 ... :)

> Writing a SAX filter is driving me to once again question the wisdom of
> the existence of attributes, but I can't say I'd seriously propose that
> they be discarded by default.

To me, it comes down to not wanting to be stuck with the
syntactic sugar DOM insists on.  I don't see attributes as
being in that category, since they hold real data.  I'd rather
just not spend the memory.

- Dave