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Re: XML Blueberry (non-ASCII name characters in Japan)

Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:

 > At 2:52 PM -0400 7/9/01, John Cowan wrote:
 >> Please tell me what kind of argument you would find convincing.
 > Prove to me the existence of 10,000 or more users who want to write
 > XML *markup* in any combination of the scripts added in Unicode 3.0
 > and 3.1, who cannot reasonably use an alternative script for their
 > language of choice, and who do not read and write some better
 > supported language.

I doubt if you (or anyone) could *prove* the existence of 10,000
users who want to write XML markup in English, never mind in the
newly added languages.

So your argument reduces to: Latin was there first, so it wins.
Ethiopic/Khmer/Thaana/Myanar script languages didn't make it under
the gate in time, so they lose.  For at least the next few thousand


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