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Re: Conformance testing info

> I would like to test conformance of an XML parser.  Where can I get the
> latest tests?  As far as I can tell from searching the web, there are
> these places that have tests:
>   3) xmlconf.sourceforge.net

Is so far as I know the most current version.  Some folk from the OASIS/NIST
team asked me to put their cases into CVS, with bugfixes for against the "second
draft" ... which I did.  (CVS module "xml/suite"; there's no tar/zip version yet).

> My guess is that OASIS/NIST (#1) is maintaining XML conformance tests
> using SAX.  W3C/NIST (#2) are working on tests for DOM.  It seems that
> xmlconf (#3) has a modified old version of the tests from #1 and a
> version of the tests for #2 converted to use JUnit.

[ Maybe Curt Arnold can describe #2 ... those are DOM tests, not XML tests ]

> I once tried running tests from #1, but they were broken and I've been
> reading discussions on this list about it.  Where can I get the latest
> fixed version?

Yes, the reason those test are now in CVS (#3) is because #1 was broken.

They're not 100% up-to-date with errata; some of the IBM cases are
still broken (bogus UTF-8, etc), and some of the Sun cases got mangled
in the 2nd draft and still haven't been updated (simple fix, as I recall).

- Dave