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Conformance testing info

I would like to test conformance of an XML parser.  Where can I get the
latest tests?  As far as I can tell from searching the web, there are
these places that have tests:

  1) OASIS/NIST XML conformance tests using SAX
  2) W3C/NIST DOM Level 1 tests
  3) xmlconf.sourceforge.net
  4) others?

My guess is that OASIS/NIST (#1) is maintaining XML conformance tests
using SAX.  W3C/NIST (#2) are working on tests for DOM.  It seems that
xmlconf (#3) has a modified old version of the tests from #1 and a
version of the tests for #2 converted to use JUnit.

I once tried running tests from #1, but they were broken and I've been
reading discussions on this list about it.  Where can I get the latest
fixed version?

Please correct me if any of the info above is not accurate.