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RE: Just a Little Explanaton for Veering (RE: Blueberry/Unicode/ XML)

Frankly, I don't give a hoot whether English or even Korean dominates the
world for the next thousand years.  Nothing dominiates without a reason and
nothing changes arbitrarily.  Thank God we have no control over such things.
I also don't give a hoot if Japanese SVG never comes into existance.
English SVG is already out and I am too busy trying to figure out what
percentage of browsers will have SVG support a few months from now.

While most of the world is concerned about where the next meal is going to
come from and how to stay upwind of the outhouse, our self-assigned concerns
for the world and eons to come is just so much fodder for
politically-correct-over-design-by-committee mumbo jumbo.  Tell me if anyone
in Cambodia gives a hoot whether Khmer can be used in XML tag names.  If
there is one, I would like see a good justification for such use of tag
names when there are easy work arounds.  Could-be, might-be, and why-nots
are foundations of design bloats.  Oh, Lord, save me from these crusaders!

BTW, we are getting off the subject which is how to make blueberry jam.


Don Park