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Re: Do you know a tool for putting directory-file-info into anxml-file?

[Peter Flynn]

> No, so I just wrote one and called it xls. It uses ls and awk, so
> if you're running Windows you'll need the Cygwin Utilities from
> www.cygwin.com (Umm...I use GNU awk, I don't know if Cygwin has
> gawk, maybe someone can test that for me).
You don't need Cygwin, there's a perfectly good 32-bit awk for
DOS/Windows/NT (I think there's two of them, actually).  I forget where I
got them, it's been about three years, but they are out there in binary
form.  And you could simulate ls with the dir command, using the right
options.  Or get 4DOS or 4NT, their dir is better.


Tom P