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Re: Do you know a tool for putting directory-file-info into anxml-file?

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Rene de Vries wrote:
> Hi,
> What I want is a tool that does the following:
> *	lets me select a directory
> *	write an xml-file with file-info (path, date, time, size, attributes, etc.) of all the files in that directory and subdirectories
> Do you know one?

No, so I just wrote one and called it xls. It uses ls and awk, so
if you're running Windows you'll need the Cygwin Utilities from
www.cygwin.com (Umm...I use GNU awk, I don't know if Cygwin has
gawk, maybe someone can test that for me).

I've included a DTD for checking purposes but that should be
taken out if it is shown to work :-) It seems to do the job on
my machine but I don't have many files with funny characters, so
it needs much more testing. 

The code is crummy, but I don't know enough Perl or Python to do
it decently, and I haven't exactly spent a lot of time polishing.

Download it at http://www.silmaril.ie/software/xls.zip