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WML generating with the XSL transformation(BIG PROBLEM)

In my asp file which has content type to generate wml, i transform my xml 
file to xsl to create input elements dynamically.And then i try to use the 
created input elements which are the transformation result ,in asp for an 
DataBase Application,but unfortunately because wml do not support the <form> 
tag in my xsl,and then i try to use <postfield> in xsl with this 
condition;(the syntax is not important!)
        <xsl:for-each select....>
          <xsl:if-select type="INPUT">
             <postfield> <-- wap emulator gives error
        </xsl:for-each select>
      <a href="process.asp">Send Asp</a>

I want to use postfield because i must get their values using the
"request",and use them in an SQL statement.

I hope i successed to tell,if you i can send the files.


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